Cover for my Nuuna

I have, right now, two different notebooks for Bullet Journal. One is a cheap with lined pages that I had laying around. This one is perfect to throw in my bag and I write everything in it, not always with my best handwriting. My second is a Nuuna with dotted pages that almost never leaves my home. Is this book I have all my pretty pages 🙂
Although I try to never take the Nuuna with me, sometimes I have to and then I want to protect it in my bag.

Cover with Nuuna notebook

I had looked at various sites on the net a long time looking for some time before I found this cover in a drawer at home. The book is not really A5, it is slightly larger, and it was that which caused problems for me. This case in leather suits are not perfect, but quite okey.

Cover with Nuuna notebook

I attach the books back cover in a pocket on the right side in the cover. It is secured and not in danger of falling out. There is also a pen holder, but my pens are to slim so I don’t use it.  It is better suited to a traditional ink pen.
On the left side there are three pockets which I have filled with various necessities.

Cover with Nuuna notebook

In addition to the pens I favor right now there is an old credit card that I have wrapped washi tape around, Post-it in two different sizes (the pink ones), tabs and small pieces of paper to write notes on.
I have sketches in the large pocket.I use the sketches as inspiration for corners, banners and so on that I can draw in my notebook.  These pages are drawn (they should be colored in with black ink) on dotted paper I have printed from Incompetech.

Material List:

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