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Decorated boxes, note books and stuff

Personalize a box with vinyl

I bought a box with several small boxes that I thought could fit my niece. It was in two shades of purple and nothing more. I liked the size, but found it a bit boring.

Best solution to it was to decorate it yourself. I made it personal by making a monogram with her initial letter (here first name).

Box for things

On the boxes I put some text that can describe what’s in the box without being to specific. I had a long list of suggestions of things. (translation to the text: Big stuff, Bigger stuff, Small stuff, Tiny stuff, Other stuff, Important stuff)

I have been using Silhouette Studio to create cutting files. I started by drawing a rectangle as large as each box. In the rectangle, I could then place my text and see that the size was good.

Monogram with feather

On both sides I made this monogram. The feather is a file from Silhouette Store and the letter is made with an alphabet.

Everything is cut in white vinyl and I used a tape from the auto parts store to get it in place. The tape is cheaper than buying the transfer tape that is for vinyl. I also think it works better.

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Quick book marks

I use quite a lot of small post-it, paper clips and clamps when I work. I love cute small accessories and often need to have a mark in a book or in a compendium when I read. Post-it in all its glory, they come in many beautiful colors, but they are not always enough.

To solve this, and reduce the amount of post-it, I started to decorate paper clips in a very simple and fast way.


You need washitape in nice colors and patterns, a good pair of scissors and a lot of paper clips.


Tear a fairly long strip of tape and fold it lengthwise with the sticky side out. Thread the paper clip on the tape and drag it to the center.


Fold up the sides so that they attach to each other. Depending on the width of the tape it can be somewhat awkward at the bottom of the paper clip.


Use scissors to cut small flags. I have chosen to cut a V at mine, but you can cut in other shapes if you want.
Avoid using a punch. The glue on the tape is easily caught in the punch and make it sticky. When you then use paper it can get caught and your pattern becomes ugly.


With these paper clips you will easy match together a kit with paper clips, pen and notebook.

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