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Not only for children, there are plenty of stylish and fun things you can do with the classic pearls and a pegboard

Decorate your bag with fuse beads

I bought a bag that I really liked, apart from one thing that annoyed me more and more the more I used it. The label that sat on the bag was in the way so I replaced it with a butterfly.

Decorate your bag

The label was on the front of the bag and was not glued but sat with two small hooks. This meant that I got stuck all the time with the edges of the label. I was worried about destroying the bag and decided to peel the label off.

Holes in bag

Obviously there were two small holes, but I had anticipated that. I had the good fortune anyway that  I could bend the hooks open through the lining of the bag and coax the label off.

I used the mini fuse beads to get a more flexible butterfly. A stiff figure would not be able to bend with the bag and would come off easily.
To attach my butterfly, I used a fast dried-purpose adhesive suitable for both plastic and leather (although this is very much faux leather). The glue I chose is also flexible, again to bend with the bag.

I found the pattern for the butterfly on Pinterest.

Materiel list:




A lot of books and a cat

If anyone missed it; I like cats. If someone also have missed; I like books. A while ago I found the perfect pattern with fuse beads for joining the two.

Cat on books

I have used Hama midi beads to this and it’s two pegboards high.
I put it on the end of one of my bookcases.

Material list:




Lilac in a pot

This little lilac is made after an old cross-stitch pattern.

Lilac in a pot

I’ve done it with mini beads, but it goes equally well with larger beads.
My lilac are 5×3 cm.

Material List:

You can download the pattern of the Lilac in a pot by clicking on the button


Please leave a comment if you use my pattern. It’s fun to see what others are doing 🙂