Get started with Instagram – Part 4

Time for some details about Instagram. I intend to go through what a hashtag is and how it works, how you change your profile picture and a lot more.

Shortcuts section

Search for a person, a tag or a place
Make a call out to a person
Tag a person in an image (and how it looks when you get tagged?)
I wrote something wrong or I want to delete the image, how do I do it?
Comments and Likes
Use a Hashtag (#)
Change Profile Picture

Start the app and go to your profile (the Man in the lower right corner)

We start with a small overview of a few buttons

I will
quickly go through these four buttons that you see just above your photos on your profile.
Square – Viewing your images in rows of three each.
The stripes – Viewing your images the way they appear in feeds. One by one straight down with the comments.
Pushpin – Showing a map where you can see where your photos are taken, depending on whether you are using the Photo Map or not (See Part 3 for more information about Photo Map).
The painting Here you find the pictures which you have been tagged

Search for
a person, a tag or a place

Before we begin with a call out or anything else, it’s good if you follow someone. You can follow me if you want to; miensdotorg. You can safely do this without following precisely me, you may already follow a lot of accounts that you can send a shout to 🙂
To find me it’s easiest to do a search.


Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of Instagram. Then type in what you are looking for. You can choose Top, which brings up the most popular result on that keyword, or  you can look for a person, tag (hashtag) or a location.
As you can see in this picture, I’ve searched the top because I got a good hit at once. Its me who are the top one 🙂.
Don’t look to much at the picture, look for the correct account name instead. There is a possibility that I changed my profile picture after this screenshot was taken.


Click on my name (miensdororg) and you will come to my account. There you can easily follow me by clicking on the large button that says Follow.

a call out to a person

Now that you are following at least one person, we try to make a call out.
Select the image you want to upload, and do exactly as in Part 2, but stop when you typing your text to the image.


To get a list of names, you must follow the person you want to call out to. Otherwise, it’s good if you know the full Instagram name. I follow Kit & Clowder and can therefore invoke that account here.
Start by writing the @-symbol, then type the first few characters of the name and it should come up in the list. Select the account you want to call out to, and then make your picture ready (continue writing text or click on the check mark).


The person you did the call out to will get a message on his account that you mentioned her or him.

a person in an image (and how it looks when you get tagged?)

Now that we‘re at it we can tag a person in a picture too. This is most common on photos with people. I have chosen a picture of something I crafted, I don’t want to shoe people with their account name here.


Add a picture and type in your text. Then click Tag People before you click the check mark in the upper right corner.


You see your picture in a larger format and can tap on it. Click on the face (in my case the paw) that you want to tag. (I clicked on the left paw).


Start typing the name of the person you want to tag and you will get a list that you can choose from. Click on the correct name.


My left paw has received a tag. Do you want to add more people, click the next face and type the name. Click on the blue tick mark when you are finished.


This is how it look when you are tagged in a picture (when you click on the button with the painting, see the top of this post). Click on the image to see who else are tagged in it. You can tag yourself in a photo (which I did here) if you want.

I wrote
something wrong or I want to delete the image, how do I do it?

Sometimes you are in a bit of a hurry and write wrong or forgetting to mention something before you  send the image. Then it can be good to go in and do some changes. You can change the text, make a call out or add a hashtag. You can also tag a person. You can only edit your own pictures.
When you look at photos in the feed or on your own profile you’ll see three small dots to the right of the comments. This is a small menu that you can click at.
In this menu, you can select Edit. Select Delete to delete the image from your account. Click on edit, we will change the text to the image. (you don’t have to change anything, but click the edit in any case so that you can see how it looks.)
Change the text or tag a person, and then click the check mark in the upper right corner.

Comments and

It’s not difficult to comment on a photo or like a photo on Instagram.
If you look just below the image you’ll see a heart and a balloon. Click on the balloon and you can comment on the image. You can make call outs and use a hashtag as usual in a comment (for the hashtag, see the next section).
To like a picture, you can either click on the heart below the image, or double-click on the image itself. You will see a transparent heart on the image that disappear pretty fast. When the heart under the picture is red, you liked that picture. To remove your like, click the heart again.

a Hashtag (#)

When you use a hashtag you can say that bookmark an photo. You write you hashtag in you text to the photo and it becomes a link.
When you click on such a link you will see all images with that hashtag. (there are not that many pictures with #miensdotorg, but feel free to use the tag if you want to try 🙂) If you choose to share your picture on Facebook or anywhere else where the hashtags works the hashtag follows with your text.
There are hashtags for almost anything, and if it doesn’t exist, it creates when you use it. Be nice to your followers and don’t tag every word in your text. #It #Becomes # Very # Tiresome # To #Read. Large and small letters have no meaning in your tag, but can make it easier to read. #MiensDotOrg is easier to read than #miensdotorg. You can’t use spaces, dashes or other characters in your hashtag.
Try not to overuse tags, but if you want to use many tags it is better to write your text in plain text and write all tags at the end.

Profile Picture

Sometimes you want have a new profile picture. You may have a better picture of your self, or you want to celebrate something special.
Go to your profile and click on your image. You will then see a menu where you can choose how you want to change the image. I have chosen to take a picture from my archive (Choose from Library).
Place the image as you want it, and then click the check mark. You have a new profile picture.

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