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I never really learned to coloring. I did not like the art in school and been happy if I could draw a straight line with a ruler.
I have been coloring when I made a card where I have used a stamp. It looked really bad in the beginning, but with practice it’s looking better and better . I got a friend who is a master of coloring, and she taught me some tricks. Thanks to that I got yet a little better at shadows and color combos. I was rarely satisfied, and never got the stylish tones. I don’t do that today either but I hope to get better.

Detail of christmas card 2007

Detail of Christmas card 2007

I encountered Kit and Clowder on Facebook more than a year ago. It’s a great bunch of people (10,000 members as of this writing) that everyone likes coloring, want to learn more, and are there for each other and support. Alyce, who runs Kit and Clowder, do all the classes herself and provides personalized feedback on everything you upload. She’s also in the Facebook group with tips, help and support.

I bought one of the classes, but have not really dared to start. I have learned a lot by just being in the group, but I would like to learn more, but cowardice and fear has prevented me. I managed to do the class Mindful Me. It felt just right in size and I had an idea of what to do with it at once.

Detail from Mixed Media 2016

Detail from Mixed Media 2016

Now, as part of the celebrations of 10,000 members, Alyce has released another class for free. Markers 101 provides basic knowledge of shading, tones, care of pens and much more. I have downloaded this class and it consists of a book (PDF) which you can print out and a couple of movies. I hope this basic class will give me the courage to start my purchased class (Skin & Hair) as soon as possible. I don’t want the lack of time prevent me from sitting for a little while. I have used that subterfuge too much, “I have so much else going on, so I do not have time to go through the entire course … at once ….”
There are also smaller classes that you subscribe to. Then you get a new class every month with a motives to put color on.

If you want to learn more about coloring, I think you try Kit and Clowder.
1. Become a member of Kit & Clowders Facebook group
2. Create an account at Kit and Clowder
3. Buy a class, or start with the two classes that are free (Marker 101, Mindful me)

Kit and Clowder



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