New pages to my binder: Notes, read books and Settings for Silhouette Studio

Today there will be a new small package of loose pages from my binder.

Notes and lists

The package contains one page for notes, one page to remember all the books you’ve read (with a little connection to Goodreads) and two pages that I use to get my Silhouette cutting machine to work optimally.


I use my pages of notes as a small notepad or notebook. Since my binder is always beside me at the desk, it is easy to write down things I don’t want to forget. The piles with notes that’s always have been all over my desk is now almost completely gone.


Sometimes my note is something I just need to remember right now before I write it where it belongs. I working on reducing my stress, but I don’t always have the time to write everything on its proper place. On those occasions I use a little note that I (washi)tape it into the note pages.

Books I've read

My annual list of books tend to be quite long, this year my Goodreads goal is 70 books. Usually I finish a book in the evening, and it’s not always the best time to put it on Goodreads (their app and I’m don’t totally agree). Moreover, it is great to stock up on the list when it is so visible 🙂
On these pages I fill in the title of the book, author and ISBN number. There is also space to record the date when I started the book, and when I finished it, and what kind of book it is (this makes it easier if I’m not already have the book in my library on Goodreads, and will have to look for it). I also try to give the book a rating and then there is a box to tick when I brought the information to Goodreads.


Last pages is about Silhouette Studio.One page holds the settings for the knife and the other page is a blank page for notes. I use the last to remember the little tricks and tips. I use the settings page when I try a new material. These settings do not always work, but they give a clue to what I usually use. It hangs very much on how much the blade is worn.

That was this package. I create pages faster than I can blog about, so I will package pages this way from know. There are going to be theme packages and mixed packages depending on how many pages I have to fit together.

The files are as usual available in a PDF so you can print out and put in a separate folder, or as a cut file for Silhouette Studio if you use the same type of binder as me.

Download file for Silhouette Studio

Download PDF


Materal list:

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