New Year’s resolution, Lists & Order

New year new challenges? I have a couple of challenges for myself, but otherwise I’m hoping for a quiet year.
Last year, I promised more crafts here in the blog, and it actually went really well until September. Then I just came to a stop and this is the first blog post since. The main reason was the lack of time and that the blog has become quite heavy to mange. I translate everything I write in to English, which means that each entry is written twice, and all images must be presented twice. A post takes about twice as long to write with translation then without translation. I also wanted to have more substance in the post than just show card after card after card. My guides is what is read most and therefor I will of course put some time on these. How it will be this year, I don’t know, but it will be a little less pure crafts and much more organizing.

The organization is my challenge to myself. My craft room is still in need of a good cleaning up and sorting. My webshop (only in Swedish) helps, but there is so much more to be sorted out. The rest of my life also requires a little organization, so whoever wants to will get a peek into my sock drawer, in the freezer, and indeed in the medicine cabinet.
I started with some reorganization in the fall, and were then getting information and tips online. I created a board for this on Pinterest, I now release it.
When I sat down and thought about the things that work and do not work for me and in our home, I got together a too long list for it to feel comfortable. One thing was that my desk is always too messy. I want it pretty clean to be able to work (whether it be work work, or crafting work) but the desk is always full of post-its, loose patches, pens, stuff and things.

Messy Desk

The solution to this was to create a folder with a number of different papers for different occasions. I will share the content of this binder here in the blog when I get it finished.

The blog will also be organized, but it will probably be a lot of shuffle in the background.

So, welcome to a year of crafts and organizing hand in hand!

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