Junior is black with white markings. He has a small black spot on his nose.
His origin is totally unknown. He came to us from a family where the son has become allergic. We celebrate his birthday on July 31, and it’s the right say for all that we know. He was born in 2001.
The best he knows is to cuddle in Mums knee, and get treats from the stove. He was this as a kitten and are still.

As a kitten he would always lie in ones lap, wherever you sat. The best was when Mum sat on the couch to read. Getting to creep up on her chest and inserting his nose under her chin was just so cuddly. There he could lie for hours, sleeping or purring. Nowadays, he is a little too big for it, but he stills lie in Mums lap if she sit in the bed or on the couch.

He’s a real chatterbox, go all the time and talking to himself. Sometimes he can meowing loudly somewhere in the apartment. When we call his name he will happily run to us to be stroked. Sometimes it’s almost as if he has lost us, and will be pleased when he finds us again. When he is on your lap or next to you in bed he purrs until he falls asleep. Though it may be an occasional purring tone from him even then.

13 May 2014 Junior fell asleep in my arms for the last time. He had fought against tumors in the lungs for a short time and had great difficulty breathing.


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