Tassen (translates into The paw)  is a long haired black and white kitty with unknown origin. He was born in the late summer/autumn of 1999. He was the smallest in the litter , very shy and sweet. And that’s way we fell for him. When we were to look at the litter he was lying under a bed. After a long time and a lot of sweet talk he came to sniff at a hand.

He was brought up on very strange food for a cat. He ate most sour milk, but also baby food. Baby food would also be little heated. It took a while before we managed to get him to eat cat food. It was really a stroke of luck. My mother gave him for Christmas, a bowl and Whiskas dry food for kittens. This was very good.

He was a little mischievous kitten, who would put his nose everywhere. When someone came to visit, he sat with us, even if he fell asleep sitting up. Nowadays, it shall be cuddled and cuddling. New bags and bags should be examined, it does not matter who they belong to. If he can he put in his head as far as it goes.
He is a bit reserved against everything and everyone. Sitting in someones arms going well for a while, but they own paws is best to stand on. It’s not often he lies in bed. I you laying in bed and reads, he can come up and lay down next to you, but there will be plenty of space. Otherwise, he sleeps around, but never too close. Favorite place is a freshly made bed, or the window in the kitchen.

Thursday, September 30, 2010 we found out that Tassen had acute renal failure. On Monday, the week after, October 4, he fell asleep for the last time.
What it was like , you can read about here and here.

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