Personalize a box with vinyl

I bought a box with several small boxes that I thought could fit my niece. It was in two shades of purple and nothing more. I liked the size, but found it a bit boring.

Best solution to it was to decorate it yourself. I made it personal by making a monogram with her initial letter (here first name).

Box for things

On the boxes I put some text that can describe what’s in the box without being to specific. I had a long list of suggestions of things. (translation to the text: Big stuff, Bigger stuff, Small stuff, Tiny stuff, Other stuff, Important stuff)

I have been using Silhouette Studio to create cutting files. I started by drawing a rectangle as large as each box. In the rectangle, I could then place my text and see that the size was good.

Monogram with feather

On both sides I made this monogram. The feather is a file from Silhouette Store and the letter is made with an alphabet.

Everything is cut in white vinyl and I used a tape from the auto parts store to get it in place. The tape is cheaper than buying the transfer tape that is for vinyl. I also think it works better.

Material list:






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