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To write a blog requires a little planning times, especially if you write a creative blog that require you to have created something to blog about. To help myself a little bit along the way, I have a section in my binder for my blog. It contains my plans as well as a calendar. The calendar, however, was skipped very quickly, it’s easier to use a calendar in Google Calendar to schedule when and what I want to post.


I don’t do everything on this list every time I blog, but I have tried to cover all the bases. This list may not work for you, but hopefully you get inspired by it. Of course you can download my version (as a  file for Silhouette Studio or as a PDF) and using Washi tape to cover what’s not working for you.
I have used this a couple of months now, and have things I’ll change when I create the next one. I have among other things been adding something and I have things that are unnecessary.

What it says?

It’s hard to get inspired when you don’t know what it says, right?

Förberedelser = Preparation
Datum = Date
Material log
Posted in: Facebbok, Instagram, Pinterest
Last date to post
Schedueld postExtra material




Download for Silhouette Studio


Download PDF


Material List:

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