Swedish calendar for 2016

Step one in my new more organized life 🙂
A calendar with Swedish holidays, and some other goodto-rememberdays like Mothers- and Father’s Day, summer- and winter time, etc.

I will use this as an overview. The boxes are relatively small, I use A5 format, so there is not very much room for notes. For bookings and things like that I use Google Calendar. I will also add a few other pages.

Swedish calendar 2016

When I created these I realized that I never find a good calendar to put on the fridge. I‘d love to have one there, not to fill in a lot (again, that I use Google Calendar for), but to get a little overview, or just to check how many days ago I was suppose to throw out the milk.
I printed every month on thicker paper and fastened all of them with a clip. Perfect overview and you can squeeze in a birthday or three in the boxes.

Calendar on the fridge

I have made this calendar as a print n cut for those who want to use a silhouette cameo or portrait. There are holes in the cut file suit for the binder that I have selected (more about that as soon as I got the front finished). Do you want to have other holes, select ungroupe and takes away the my holes.

Calendar Januari 2016

If you would rather print the calendar and then make holes with a regular hole punch, choose to save the PDF file. It is done so that you can print on A4 and then cut out the calendar.

Calendar 2016




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