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Decorate your bag with fuse beads

I bought a bag that I really liked, apart from one thing that annoyed me more and more the more I used it. The label that sat on the bag was in the way so I replaced it with a butterfly.

Decorate your bag

The label was on the front of the bag and was not glued but sat with two small hooks. This meant that I got stuck all the time with the edges of the label. I was worried about destroying the bag and decided to peel the label off.

Holes in bag

Obviously there were two small holes, but I had anticipated that. I had the good fortune anyway that  I could bend the hooks open through the lining of the bag and coax the label off.

I used the mini fuse beads to get a more flexible butterfly. A stiff figure would not be able to bend with the bag and would come off easily.
To attach my butterfly, I used a fast dried-purpose adhesive suitable for both plastic and leather (although this is very much faux leather). The glue I chose is also flexible, again to bend with the bag.

I found the pattern for the butterfly on Pinterest.

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Play with dies

I have rediscovered all my dies and has begun to use them in  new ways and way more often. I think I can thank my new storage for it. More about that storage a bit later.

Card with coffee cups

When I made this card I sat and played with a die from Marianne Design that I have had in over a year but never used. I tend to either start a card with a paper or an image or stamp. This time it doesn’t came out like I had imagined it at all.
The card is 6×6″ and has a frame of white cardstock.
I’ve only used a pattern paper, but both sides.

Flowers in the corner

One of the corners got a whole bunch of flowers and some butterflies. The half beads are milky-white and faceted rather than completely round.

Pile of coffee cups

The cups are trimmed to look as if they are in each other. I’m not to happy with the result, so next time I will probably cut a gap in the blue cup and insert the white etc.

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Decoupage on a tin can

A tin of baked beans might not be the finest thing, but with a make over it can look fabulous.

Tin can

I removed the label on the jar, washed it out well, and then painted it white. I used ordinary wall paint in two layers. The second layer I painted very sloppy to get small differences when I glued on the napkin.
Tin can with flowers
I use a matte decoupage glue. It becomes a more painted surface then. Then I attached a ribbon, tied a bow and finished with little flowers and butterflies in paper.
Tin can

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