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The main menu is up and working (fingers crossed). I have a couple of new post that are translated and I have begun the work of translating my way back. I still have a lot of the pages left I’m sorry to say. My first plan was to do all the pages to begin with and then one category with posts at a time, but I quickly find out that that doesn’t gonna work. For an example. To the left you see a couple of images under the heading Crafted by me. If you click on one of the images you are supposed to come to the post with the image. If I haven’t translated that post that isn’t gonna happend. So… what to do? Still translate all the post about my cats or translate thees post first, even if the post aren’t in the same category? Of course I translate a little bit here and a little bit there instead of being structured and have a plan.
So, on this date you find some new post (2), some old post (5), some pages, some menus and a little here and there. Hope you find something good 🙂


Wow, the first post is translated and live! It’s a little bit scary right now, it’s a lot of work behind it and I don’t feel totally safe with my new plugin just yet. All the work behind the scene is not finished yet, but I just had to give it a try 🙂 Back to the boring translation now 😉
Hope you still with me!


Step 1 is done in the fight with my translation plugin. All my old translations is gone and I have to start all over again. My new plugin is working in a different way, and it only showing post/pages/menus/tags… that are translated. Because of this, you wont be able to see any translations in awhile. I have to work my way from the inside and out, right now I’m translating all my categories and tags (and a lot of tags is thrown out of the window, what have I been thinking sometimes???)
Please bear with me, I try to work as fast as I can without stumbling on the way. I post my news here if you are interested in the progress…