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More to the Calendar

The calendar I made had very small boxes, partly because I use a small format (A5), and partly because I see it more as an overview.
Here are my more useful pages for the binder . There are a total of three pages, where one page is two. 😉


Holidays (the purple one) provides an overview of our Swedish holidays and a few other days as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Valentine’s Day and so on.
Dates to remember (blue in front) I myself like very much. I filled in the birthdays, major events and other important dates. The pages give a quick overview of what will come.
The weekly plan (the other blue) is the one I use most my self. This one are my regular calendar. There is plenty of space to write what I do every day. If you are able to use my file for Silhouette Studio you also get a perforated corner that you can remove from when the week is over. Would you rather put the pages in a regular binder you can decorate a paper clip and use as a bookmark.


The file for Silhouette Studio is a print n cut. The holes at fit in the binder I have chosen, but you can easily remove these holes and put in you own.
Would you rather use a binder with Swedish holes (ore some other binder) you can download the PDF containing the same blades. They are laid out on an A4, so you print them easily on a desktop printer and then cut out your pages.

File for Silhouette Studio

PDF for printing



My Binder

The cover of my binder is finished and I’m so looking forward to start using it. All that I need to do now is to print out my content and to ensure that the binder will fit on my desktop 🙂

My Binder

I bought my binder at Panduro and painted it white with ordinary wall paint. I used  a paint roller to get some structure.

The decorations are made of vinyl that I cut with my Silhouette. I can not share these files because they come from a group on Facebook. I changed the monogram a little by choosing a different font and put stars around it instead of dots. (see below what I used)

My Binder

On the inside cover, I put an image I created using an online course at Kit and Clowder, Mindfull Me. I will show what I used a little later.



Freebie – Polaroid frames for Silhouette

I use this frames in my Project Life Album. When each new month starts I create a bigger page with that month frame.
The frames uses both the knife and the Sketch pens from Silhouette.

Polaroid frames for Silhouette

I have split the file in two, so you will find six month in each file.
In the Zip-file you find:
2 files fore Silhouette Studio (V3)
2 images that shows what easch file contains
1 Read Me.pdf. It’s important that you read this file. I don’t have many rules, but I want you to follow the ones I have.


Polaroid frames for Silhouette Studio


More pages to my PL-binder

This isn’t going fast. I get stuck with everything pretty you to do with PL. I can sit for hours on Pinterest and look for ideas if I didn’t watch my self.
I have created a new board where I collect things that I like to do with the PL, especially Sn@p because I use one of there binders.
Project Life - Januaris Titel page
I have mentioned that I worked some with my own cutting files to PL, This Polaroid frame are one of those. They will come up here in the blog at the end of this week I hope, or maybe later tonight 🙂
This is the first page for January. I used cardstock, patterned paper, a little bling and my Silhouette. January is written with Silhouette Sketch Pen.
I’ve done the little calendar in two variants. One with the month printed and one without (the one I have used here). They will also come here in the blog, I just have to find time to make all months :). The calender will go from Monday to Sunday.
Project Life - Januari Polaroid frame
The frame is like a Polaroid, and you might as well put a picture in it.
I’ve printed the calendar on cardstock and then filled in a bit about what happened during the month, including the coldest day. Where it became very empty, I put a piece washi tape as little decoration.
Project Life - Hole page Januari
The back of the title page became a small Layout. It’s fun to mix in all possible techniques in this. I used a cardstock as base and put lace on the edges. I’ve made the small journaling card, including a digital paper from Peppermint Creative, the series is called Frozen Slush. I’m sorry I can not share it with you all. Around my photos you find a narrow edge with glitter glue.
Project Life - June Titel page
June has also got a title page. I jump wildly between months when I’m doing this. I pick a picture I have inspiration on right then and go on.
The page’s done in the same way as January’s title page. The border is the strip on the edge of the paper I have used.
Project Life - June Polaroid Frame

Material List:

Project Life

I have always said that I should stay away from Project Life (PL), just like I said I would not start scrapping. I must say it didn’t go very well with any of those promises”. I’m not yet in love with PL, but I’m probably on the way. At least that much that I yesterday bought more pockets for my binder.

I‘m not going to be so crazy that I make a picture a day or a spread a week. Then I would not have time for anything else. My plan is to do a monthly basis, with a couple of pictures from every month. So far, I have begun January, which was pretty boring, and made a page for June, which was much more fun 🙂

Project Life - 3x4

For January I picked a couple of photos, some pockets just got a picture with a date and some I manage to write some journaling to. The other side of this page is not ready yet, so I show you that at a later date. It is not so much the PL of my job yet, but I will get there.

Project Life - 3x4

Something I‘ve decided, is that at the beginning of each month I will write some kind of summary of the month. I must also remember which font I use so that I can share it with you here….


Project Life - 3x4

I’ve done a lot of PL-work the last few weeks (that why I haven’t written anything here), but nothing in my album. I have done some work with my Silhouette and will share it with all of you as soon as I used it my self.

Project Life - 2x2

I made my funny side with the photos from a walk on Royal DjurgĂ„rden. The pockets are pretty small, 2×2 , but it turned out much better than I thought. The text is written with Sketch Pen by the Silhouette. The fonts are narrow so it looks as if it is just one line.

Project Life - 2x2

The Material list is unfortunately not complete this time.

Material list:




Print & Cut with the Silhouette

Silhouette Studio has a feature called Print & Cut. I like this feature and use it to print pictures and cut them with the Silhouette. I then use them as a motif on cards and other things I create.

We start from the beginning and take a look in Silhouette Store. How do I know that the file I buy is a Print & Cut?

Silhouette Store

To begin with, you can use Filters if you are sure that it’s a Print & Cut file you want. Otherwise, you will see it on the little blue box with a P next to the price.

Silhouette library

After purchasing a file and it is located in your library you find the same symbol at most of the files. I have no knowledge of why not all are shown with the symbol, it can be rally annoying sometimes. The rose in the center of this picture is also a Print & Cut, but it’s hard to know without the symbol.
If you know why, please leave a coment to this post. I whant to know!

Change the properties of the file

My solution to this problem is to change the name of the file. You do this by right clicking on the image and choose Edit Properties.

Edit properties

Here you can change the search term, information and the name of the file. I choose to add PnC to the filename.

New name

Close the library and open it again (or change file), now you see the new name and you get a clue as to what file it is.

Shall we get started then? With the actual printing and cutting?

Start by changing the paper to A4, letter or what size your printer use, especially if you use a Silhouette Cameo. Since we are printing these shapes, the paper must fit in to your printer.

Shapes on the mat

Choose your shapes and place those on the mat, just as you do when you want to cut out a shape. If you look at my figures you will see that two have white backgrounds. That’s not important, it’s more that the person who made the file might not have been as accurate as I would like.

Registration marks

Open the Registration Marks. You’ll find it right in the tool menu.

Use Registration Marks

Change the settings needed. Right now, just change the type of machine you have. I have an old friend, so I choose Original. The positions can be left as is, even though they can easily be moved to save paper.

Registration marks on the mat

As you see now, I have my shapes at the wrong place. It is the black corners that will be printed with your shapes. These corners can be moved (see above), but we are content to have those where they are this time.

Move the shapes

Move the figures inside the markings.
Then cut the paper you want to use in order to fit your printer. A cardstock or similar paper (12″x12″) you cut to 21×29,7 cm (A4).
Place your paper in the printer. Remember to have any structure in the right direction if you want it visible or not in your figures. Make sure you printer are online.

Print you shapes

Usually it’s about now that you click Send to Silhouette, but we should send it all to your printer instead. Click on the printer icon and print the same way as you normally print documents. I recommend to print in high quality when you know you really want to use the shape.
Don’t do anything with the document in Silhouette Studio while the printer is working.

Fresh from the printer

Now you have a paper that should look something like this. The mark in the bottom corner is not visible on this picture. If you have a Cameo, you may have other types of marks.

Feed it to the machine

Attach your paper to the cutting mat and feed it to the Silhouette just the way you usually do. My old model is practically hand cranked, so do as you are accustomed to do.

Cut Settings

Now you’re on familiar ground. Select the type of paper you used, in this case, cardstock, and start the cutting.
Your paper will go in and out of the machine when it tries to find the black markings. As soon as that’s done the Silhouette starts to cut.

All Done

Now you have one or more shapes to decorate what you want with.

As you probably noticed in this blog, I like to craft with paper, but I know that it is possible to print on a certain type of vinyl and other media. The procedure is the same, but I can not answer how these materials behave or how you use them.


All files aren’t great, you might have to work a little by your self to get them the way you want. The cow I have used have the cut line a few millimeters off the edge, and the rose isn’t cut between the stems. (A little hard to see here, but it’s easier of the previous photo)

Quality of the shapes