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Freebie – Polaroid frames for Silhouette

I use this frames in my Project Life Album. When each new month starts I create a bigger page with that month frame.
The frames uses both the knife and the Sketch pens from Silhouette.

Polaroid frames for Silhouette

I have split the file in two, so you will find six month in each file.
In the Zip-file you find:
2 files fore Silhouette Studio (V3)
2 images that shows what easch file contains
1 Read Me.pdf. It’s important that you read this file. I don’t have many rules, but I want you to follow the ones I have.


Polaroid frames for Silhouette Studio


More pages to my PL-binder

This isn’t going fast. I get stuck with everything pretty you to do with PL. I can sit for hours on Pinterest and look for ideas if I didn’t watch my self.
I have created a new board where I collect things that I like to do with the PL, especially Sn@p because I use one of there binders.
Project Life - Januaris Titel page
I have mentioned that I worked some with my own cutting files to PL, This Polaroid frame are one of those. They will come up here in the blog at the end of this week I hope, or maybe later tonight 🙂
This is the first page for January. I used cardstock, patterned paper, a little bling and my Silhouette. January is written with Silhouette Sketch Pen.
I’ve done the little calendar in two variants. One with the month printed and one without (the one I have used here). They will also come here in the blog, I just have to find time to make all months :). The calender will go from Monday to Sunday.
Project Life - Januari Polaroid frame
The frame is like a Polaroid, and you might as well put a picture in it.
I’ve printed the calendar on cardstock and then filled in a bit about what happened during the month, including the coldest day. Where it became very empty, I put a piece washi tape as little decoration.
Project Life - Hole page Januari
The back of the title page became a small Layout. It’s fun to mix in all possible techniques in this. I used a cardstock as base and put lace on the edges. I’ve made the small journaling card, including a digital paper from Peppermint Creative, the series is called Frozen Slush. I’m sorry I can not share it with you all. Around my photos you find a narrow edge with glitter glue.
Project Life - June Titel page
June has also got a title page. I jump wildly between months when I’m doing this. I pick a picture I have inspiration on right then and go on.
The page’s done in the same way as January’s title page. The border is the strip on the edge of the paper I have used.
Project Life - June Polaroid Frame

Material List: