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Get started with Instagram – Part 4

Time for some details about Instagram. I intend to go through what a hashtag is and how it works, how you change your profile picture and a lot more.

Shortcuts section

Search for a person, a tag or a place
Make a call out to a person
Tag a person in an image (and how it looks when you get tagged?)
I wrote something wrong or I want to delete the image, how do I do it?
Comments and Likes
Use a Hashtag (#)
Change Profile Picture

Start the app and go to your profile (the Man in the lower right corner)

We start with a small overview of a few buttons

I will
quickly go through these four buttons that you see just above your photos on your profile.
Square – Viewing your images in rows of three each.
The stripes – Viewing your images the way they appear in feeds. One by one straight down with the comments.
Pushpin – Showing a map where you can see where your photos are taken, depending on whether you are using the Photo Map or not (See Part 3 for more information about Photo Map).
The painting Here you find the pictures which you have been tagged

Search for
a person, a tag or a place

Before we begin with a call out or anything else, it’s good if you follow someone. You can follow me if you want to; miensdotorg. You can safely do this without following precisely me, you may already follow a lot of accounts that you can send a shout to 🙂
To find me it’s easiest to do a search.


Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of Instagram. Then type in what you are looking for. You can choose Top, which brings up the most popular result on that keyword, or  you can look for a person, tag (hashtag) or a location.
As you can see in this picture, I’ve searched the top because I got a good hit at once. Its me who are the top one 🙂.
Don’t look to much at the picture, look for the correct account name instead. There is a possibility that I changed my profile picture after this screenshot was taken.


Click on my name (miensdororg) and you will come to my account. There you can easily follow me by clicking on the large button that says Follow.

a call out to a person

Now that you are following at least one person, we try to make a call out.
Select the image you want to upload, and do exactly as in Part 2, but stop when you typing your text to the image.


To get a list of names, you must follow the person you want to call out to. Otherwise, it’s good if you know the full Instagram name. I follow Kit & Clowder and can therefore invoke that account here.
Start by writing the @-symbol, then type the first few characters of the name and it should come up in the list. Select the account you want to call out to, and then make your picture ready (continue writing text or click on the check mark).


The person you did the call out to will get a message on his account that you mentioned her or him.

a person in an image (and how it looks when you get tagged?)

Now that we‘re at it we can tag a person in a picture too. This is most common on photos with people. I have chosen a picture of something I crafted, I don’t want to shoe people with their account name here.


Add a picture and type in your text. Then click Tag People before you click the check mark in the upper right corner.


You see your picture in a larger format and can tap on it. Click on the face (in my case the paw) that you want to tag. (I clicked on the left paw).


Start typing the name of the person you want to tag and you will get a list that you can choose from. Click on the correct name.


My left paw has received a tag. Do you want to add more people, click the next face and type the name. Click on the blue tick mark when you are finished.


This is how it look when you are tagged in a picture (when you click on the button with the painting, see the top of this post). Click on the image to see who else are tagged in it. You can tag yourself in a photo (which I did here) if you want.

I wrote
something wrong or I want to delete the image, how do I do it?

Sometimes you are in a bit of a hurry and write wrong or forgetting to mention something before you  send the image. Then it can be good to go in and do some changes. You can change the text, make a call out or add a hashtag. You can also tag a person. You can only edit your own pictures.
When you look at photos in the feed or on your own profile you’ll see three small dots to the right of the comments. This is a small menu that you can click at.
In this menu, you can select Edit. Select Delete to delete the image from your account. Click on edit, we will change the text to the image. (you don’t have to change anything, but click the edit in any case so that you can see how it looks.)
Change the text or tag a person, and then click the check mark in the upper right corner.

Comments and

It’s not difficult to comment on a photo or like a photo on Instagram.
If you look just below the image you’ll see a heart and a balloon. Click on the balloon and you can comment on the image. You can make call outs and use a hashtag as usual in a comment (for the hashtag, see the next section).
To like a picture, you can either click on the heart below the image, or double-click on the image itself. You will see a transparent heart on the image that disappear pretty fast. When the heart under the picture is red, you liked that picture. To remove your like, click the heart again.

a Hashtag (#)

When you use a hashtag you can say that bookmark an photo. You write you hashtag in you text to the photo and it becomes a link.
When you click on such a link you will see all images with that hashtag. (there are not that many pictures with #miensdotorg, but feel free to use the tag if you want to try 🙂) If you choose to share your picture on Facebook or anywhere else where the hashtags works the hashtag follows with your text.
There are hashtags for almost anything, and if it doesn’t exist, it creates when you use it. Be nice to your followers and don’t tag every word in your text. #It #Becomes # Very # Tiresome # To #Read. Large and small letters have no meaning in your tag, but can make it easier to read. #MiensDotOrg is easier to read than #miensdotorg. You can’t use spaces, dashes or other characters in your hashtag.
Try not to overuse tags, but if you want to use many tags it is better to write your text in plain text and write all tags at the end.

Profile Picture

Sometimes you want have a new profile picture. You may have a better picture of your self, or you want to celebrate something special.
Go to your profile and click on your image. You will then see a menu where you can choose how you want to change the image. I have chosen to take a picture from my archive (Choose from Library).
Place the image as you want it, and then click the check mark. You have a new profile picture.

Get started with Instagram – Part 3

I should have written this part as Part 2, but it’s more fun to get going instead of looking at a lot of settings, right?
In this part I will show you the usual settings and how to pair your Instagram account with your Facebook account and other social media.
Some of these settings may be different if you use an iPhone or iPad. Make your settings the way you used to, which you usually don’t do directly in the app like I show you here.
Launch the app and go to your profile (the Man at the bottom right)
In the upper right corner you will see three dots. Clicking on these will take you to the Options where you can do some settings. Click there to get started.
If you chose Instagram not to check your Facebook account for friends when you created your account, you have the opportunity to do this below Follow People. You can also check your contacts here. When you do this, you get a list of people who have accounts in both places and you can choose which ones you want to follow.
Below Account you can adjust your account. Here you can edit the profile (we will return to this), change password etc. You can also make your account private, just drag the slider to the right. A private account means that your photos do not appear in searches. You also accept those who want to follow you.
Please note:
Your account will not be a secret. If someone who has an open account like one of your images, that image will appear when someone else is looking at the liked pictures. Therefore, think before you upload a very private photo on Instagram. You can never be sure that they do not spread. (This is true all over the Internet!)

Scroll down, you will find more Settings. We will return to the option Linked Accounts and look instead at Puch Notifications. Click here and you get a lot of options, see image below.
Under Camera, you choose if you want good or a little worse quality of your images. As long as you don’t have a very bad connection, I think you can have it on HighQuality.
The rest of the settings depend so much on what phone you use and how you use it so I leave them totally open. Generally, you can leave it as it is.
I can’t go thru everything here in Notifications, it is not so difficult to choose how you want your phone to tell you what happens. Personally, I have everything on From Everyone, but it is because I have an open account and it’s an easy way to keep track of what happens. I have not very much traffic, so it’s fun to see at once when anyone has commented on one of my pictures. Do you have an account with many followers, it may be more comfortable to turn off notifications. It is perhaps easier for you to go into your account and see what has happened over having the phone vibrate in your pocket all the time.
You can always go back here and make changes when you notice that it’s working or not.
If you now scroll back up to the Linked Account (below Settings) we will connect your Instagram with your Facebook (you can choose any account, just follow the instructions that appear on the screen).
Start by clicking on Facebook. The text will turn blue and you receive a blue check mark to the right. Click on the text again to get a new screen. If you do not have Facebook on your phone, then Instagram will ask for more specific information. Here I assume that the account already are on the phone.
After you click OK, you can always change your mind. Select Unlink and the pairing is removed and you only show your pictures on Instagram. (these settings are accessed by going to the Linked Account, and then click the account you want to disconnect).
If you go back a step and instead go into the Edit Profile (under Accounts) you can fill in some information about yourself. This is seen when someone goes in and looks at your account. There is nothing you have to fill in, but it is a good idea if you want to distribute or refer to your blog or website.
We start from the top, all these settings can be changed whenever you want. However, I recommend that you do not change the top two too often. This will only confuse your followers.
The little advertisement board – This is your username, it does not appear out in the flow, just on your profile.
Man – This is your name on Instagram. It is visible in the flow, and if want someone to give you a shout they use this name.
The Globe– the address of your web site, blog, or whatever you want, on the internet. The address must be a correct web address and end in .org / .org / .com / or anything else.
Quotes – Here you can write a short text about you, your website or your Instagram. Simply what you  want.
It’s completely up to you whether you want to fill in private information. The email address is the same as when you registered the account.
This is how does look when everything is completed and anyone looking at your profile. The name in the blue bar at the top is your name in Instagram (man).

There you go, now you have come a bit further with your Instagram account. In the next part we focus on fun things like changing the profile image, how to give someone a shout and how to use a hashtag.

Get started with Instagram – Part 2

Now that your account on Instagram is registered you may want to post your own pictures and find more people to follow?
We start here with uploading your own picture. Make sure you have an image on your phone or tablet that you feel you can add up.

Start the app Instagram

On the following pictures you will see three buttons that’s on my tablet, they have nothing to do with Instagram so just ignore them 🙂


instagram - knappar

Let’s begin with some more buttons. Along the bottom are four buttons. I describe them left to right.
1. House. This is your flow, here you will find all the pictures that the people you follow have published.
2. The magnifying glass. Do you want to search for a person or a hashtag? Search here.
3. Camera. Click here to upload a picture to your Instagram account.
4. Balloon. When someone likes one of your photos, comments on one of your photos or mentions you in a comment, you see it here.
5. Man. This is your profile. Here you can change your profile, view your own pictures and changing settings.

Now click on the camera, so we can put a photo on your Instagram.


The big picture is the image that is selected, below you’ll find the pictures that are on your phone or tablet. If you want to use an image stored on Dropbox, Google Photos or another cloud service, you must first download the image to your phone or tablet.
Under the pictures you have three options. Gallery showing pictures, Photo lets you take a photo right away and Video let you shoot a video instantly.
Let it stand at the Gallery and select an image you want to upload. Instagram using a format that is square. If your image is elongated, which is most common, you can move the image to get what you want in focus in the middle. Move around your image a bit to see how it looks. Click on the blue arrow at top right to get on when you are finished.

Now you are
in the Edit, if you want to change the image, click the arrow at the upper left.
Here you can change the light in your image, go on and experiment with some different options.
Click your way around and see what happens to your image. Between your selected picture and the different options you have three buttons. On these you can change different things. Try it out so that you feel at home. When you are satisfied with your image, click on the blue arrow to the right.


Now you see your image as a tiny thumbnail and it’s time to write a small text to it. You type the text as usual with the keyboard that appears on the screen when you click on the Write a Caption
There are some options here too.
Tag people Here you can tag people in the picture you put up, just as you can tag people in photos on Facebook. Chose this and
click on the face of the right person and enter their name.
Add to Photo Map Here you can specify where the picture was taken (or where you are located). You can specify both a real place (New York) or a custom location (My crafting table). Drag the slider to the right to activate it or to the left to turn it off. Type in the place you want under the slide.
Share Select where you want your image with text to appear in addition to Instagram. Right now you can not choose anything at all, because you have not paired Instagram with any other service yet.

If you look at the upper part of the screen you’ll see that you can choose two options here. Followers are selected by default, then all those who follow you see your picture. If instead you want to send an picture directly to a person, choose Direct. There you can select who should get the picture.

Are you ready to send your picture? If so, click on the blue check mark top right.


As soon as Instagram is finished your image is in your flow and the flow of all who follows you.

The next step is to check on some settings.


Get starting with Instagram – Part 1

This post is for those who want to get started with Instagram, but feel a little unsure of how it all works. Right now I go through how to register, how to add pictures and looking at other people’s photos is in Part 2.First and foremost, you must have the app Instagram. This you can find where you buy or download your normal apps (different depending on whether you are using an Android phone/plate or any of Appels products).
Then, start by downloading the app and launch it.
(And sorry for the unusually poor picture quality. All the lights hit the screen for me, so it was difficult to get to the really bright and nice pictures).

Get started with Instagram

This is the starting screen of Instagram. At the top you have two options; Sign up or Log In.

Get started with Instagram

We will Sign Up, so make sure it is selected (the small white arrow should be under the text).

Click (dabbing with your finger) Enter your e-mail. Then you get the keyboard and can type in your email address.
If you prefer to use Facebook as login, click Log in with Facebook. You will then receive login using your facebook account and can jump a bit down in this text.

For safety, I have not taken photos of the following steps, but it is not so difficult.
Once you have entered your email address you’ll see a small blue text that says Next. Click on it.
Enter your name, if you want. This is not mandatory, so you can skip this if you want. Click Next.
Time for a username. This is the name that will appear on your account. If it is completely wrong or if you want to change it sometime in the future, you can do this without any problems. Click Next when you are done. (if your username is already taken it says so just below the field).
A good password is one that is not directly associated with you and it gladly contain a few numbers or other characters (!? # &)

Get started with Instagram

When you come to this screen it’s time for a profile picture. The profile picture is round and appears next to your username. You have several ways to choose a picture, choose the way that suits you best.
I selected to upload a photo (Choose from Library), but if you what to select one from Facebook, or take a picture here and now it goes equally well.

Get started with Instagram

You can move the picture to focus on what you want as your profile picture. The profile picture can be replaced as easily as on Facebook if you change your mind and want another later.

Get started with Instagram

When you are satisfied with the image, click on the blue check mark on the top right to move forward.

Get started with Instagram

If you want Instagram to will find your friends from Facebook, click on the blue button. It may take a while for Instagram to go through your Facebook account, so have some patience. If you don’t want to find your friends from Facebook, click Skip at the top right.
Instagram also want to check your contacts in the phone, but here you can select Skip also if you want.
Get started with Instagram
Now your account is up and running. Instagram suggest some popular people that you may want to follow.
Kom igÄng med Instagram
If you find something that looks interesting, click on the Follow above the profile you want to follow. When you are done, click the blue check mark at the top right. You can choose not to follow anyone if you want to.
Get started with Instagram
This is what your flow look like if you have not selected anything to follow, if you selected something in the step before you will see a lot of pictures.
How to upload your own pictures, write text, etc. you find in the next step.

Mer i shoppen

Min rensning fortsĂ€tter. Idag hittade jag fler servetter som nu finns att köpa. Sedan har det kommit upp mer dies, stickers och pennor. Sakta med sĂ€kert blir det mer plats i mina hyllor. I alla fall sĂ„ fort jag har sĂ„lt det som ska sĂ€ljas, just nu tror jag det tar mer plats Ă€n innan 🙂
Ett gÀng nya servetter


I min kamp för att fÄ mitt pysselrum bÀttre organiserat och mindre rörigt sÄ har jag nu bestÀmt mig för att rensa en del. Jag gÄr igenom lite i taget och lÀgger upp i en webshop. Det Àr lÀttast för mig att organisera det hela pÄ det sÀttet.
Miens Second Hand Pyssel

Just nu finns det massor med servetter, lite julstĂ€mplar och dies. Dekorationer Ă€r pĂ„ vĂ€g upp lite i taget. SĂ„ smĂ„ningom kanske det dyker upp lite smyckesgrejor ocksĂ„. Det beror pĂ„ hur det ser ut nĂ€r jag Ă€r fĂ€rdig med allt annat pyssel. 🙂

Ta chansen och hitta nÄgot du vill ha till ett bra pris. Mycket av det som dyker upp kan vara svÄrt att fÄ tag pÄ idag.

2014 i sammanfattning

2014 i siffror
Mien gillar siffror sÄ i Är har hon sammanstÀllt sÄ mÄnga siffror hon har kunnat. Detta har resulterat i följande:
Under 2014 hade hon 5400 unika visningar pÄ
Den bÀsta dagen var 23 mars dÄ StÀmpelförvaring, nu med bilder toppade allt överallt.
Mien bloggar vÀldigt regelbundet. Som mest har det gÄtt sju dagar mellan tvÄ poster och hon favoriserar tisdagar. Totalt har hon postat 68 nya poster under 2014.

Flitig skribent
Att vara flitig skribent Àr viktigt sÀger Mien och visar pÄ hur mÄnga ord hon faktiskt har skrivit under 2014. I bloggen kan man hitta 15 664 ord i 68 poster. Hon gillar ordet för och har anvÀnt det 120 gÄnger under Äret. Det lÀngsta hon skrev var under November.

Nyheter 2014 och vad hÀnder 2015? bytte under 2014 inriktning och har nu Ànnu mera pyssel och inspiration Àn nÄgonsin förr. Mien lovar att det ska fortsÀtta i samma anda Àven under kommande Är. Inriktningen mot mera pyssel gjordes för att Mien kÀnde att det var svÄrt att veta hur mycket privat hon skulle vara i bloggen. Att skriva om pyssel Àr nÄgot hon alltid gillat att göra, sÄ allt blev bÀttre med en annan inriktning. Att lÀmna allt det privata bakom sig kommer dock inte att ske. Hon sÀger att det ÀndÄ fortfarande Àr hennes bloggstat2014-abc och den kommer att fortsÀtta att spegla henne, men i lite mindre omfÄng Àn tidigare.
En annan nyhet som presenterades under Äret var ett helt nytt och frÀscht tema. Det Àr nu ljust och luftigt med flera möjligheter att göra varje post till nÄgot lite speciellt. Pysslets ABC Àr ocksÄ helt nytt, hÀr hittar du förklaringar till mycket inom pyssel. Det har ocksÄ blivit mycket lÀttare att hitta steg-för-steg-beskrivningar genom att allt finns samlat i en meny och det har ocksÄ blivit lÀttare att ladda ned filer. Mien sÀger att det Àr fler nyheter pÄ gÄng. Bland annat sÄ ska hon jobba pÄ att alla steg-för-steg-beskrivningar ska finnas som PDF och att det ska bli mer gjort med Silhouetten.

Mest lÀsta
Miens lÀsare gillar:
StĂ€mpelförvaring, nu med bilder – 205 visningar.
Gör en egen kransstomme – 186 visningar.
Mitt smyckeskrin! – 146 visningar.
Pappersförvaring – 140 visningar.
Dekorera ett kakfat med decoupage – 122 visningar.

LÀs en bok eller tvÄ
stat2014-bookMien, frĂ„n, gillar mer Ă€n bara pyssel. Hon stoppar gĂ€rna nĂ€san i en bok och satte nĂ€stan rekord i lĂ€sning under 2014. Hon har lĂ€st 86 böcker och sĂ€ger att hon Ă€r lite besviken att hon inte nĂ„dde sitt mĂ„l pĂ„ 90 böcker. Fast hon lĂ€gger till att hon har fokuserat pĂ„ bloggen mycket mer i Ă„r och mĂ„nga av böckerna hon lĂ€st har varit ovanligt tjocka. Som exempel ger hon “The deed of Paksenarrion” som faktiskt Ă€r pĂ„ hela 1184 sidor.
Trots att det inte blev sÄ mÄnga böcker som hon tÀnkt sÄ har hon ÀndÄ lÀst 34 726 sidor. Hon blandar friskt mellan e-böcker och pappersböcker.
Vill du se mer av Miens lÀsande sÄ finns hon pÄ Goodreads.

Sociala Medier
Mien har under Äret fortsatt att vara flitig pÄ Instagram. Till höger i bloggen kan du se de senaste bilderna, men hon rekommenderar att du istÀllet följer henne pÄ Instagram (@miensdotorg). DÀr kommer det alltid att finnas fler privata bilder, sÄ ta chansen att lÀra kÀnna Mien bÀttre. Det dyker ocksÄ upp lite godbitar frÄn hennes pysselbord dÄ och dÄ. Allt sÄdant som inte visas i bloggen som sker under arbetets gÄng.
Följ migDu hittar Àven pÄ facebook och pÄ Google+. Följer du bloggen pÄ FB eller G+ sÄ fÄr du uppdateringar nÀr nÄgot nytt publiceras i bloggen.
SjÀlvklart finns hon ocksÄ pÄ Pinterest dÀr du hittar allt frÄn bröllopsinspiration till kamerainstÀllningar och pÀrlplattor.

Julkort med 3 eller 6

Utmaningar Àr verkligen perfekta nÀr man har kört fast i sitt pysslande. Jag har precis börjat komma igÄng med julkorten, det hÀr Àr nummer tre som Àr gjort för att skickas. Jag har fastnat redan nu med att inspirationen tryter, men den hÀr utmaningen pÄ Facebook fick det att lossna lite. Att jag dessutom inte har köpt nÄgra nya julpapper, Ànnu, gör ocksÄ att det stÄr lite still. Nya papper ger mig alltid en push.

Jukort med 3 eller 6 av allt

Det hĂ€r kortet Ă€r enkelt i vikningen. Det Ă€r en stomme pĂ„ 6×6″ dĂ€r jag skurit av 2″ frĂ„n framsidan. Utmaningen pĂ„ facebook gick ut pĂ„ att man skulle ha tre eller sex av allt. Det var dock tillĂ„tet med en cardstock, en bild och en text.

Tre rosor, sex halvpÀlro och en tag

Jag tror att jag lyckades ganska bra med det hela. HÀr Àr det en text, tre blommor och sex halvpÀrlor (pearlmaker). Det mönstrade papperet Àr satt pÄ en ljusblÄ cardstock, som sedan Äterkommer pÄ tvÄ stÀllen till (tre blÄ paneler).

Tre snöglingor med tre blingstenar och en bild

Tre snöflingor finns med, den tredje gömmer sig lite bakom bilden ned till höger.

Tre mönstrade papper, tre blingstenar

I varje snöflinga sitter det en blingsten, och tre till sitter pÄ min bÄrder. BÄrden Àr gjord med en kantstans. Totalt Àr det ocksÄ tre olika mönstrade papper.

Min materiallista:

  • 1 vit cardstock
  • 1 blĂ„ cardstock
  • 3 mönstrade papper (Inkido och Maja Design kollektioner frĂ„n 2012 och 2013)
  • 1 bild frĂ„n ett klippark (kan vara Panduro förra Ă„ret)
  • Snöflingor med stans frĂ„n Panduro
  • Blingstenar
  • BĂ„rderstans frĂ„n Martha Stewart
  • 3 rosor
  • 1 tag
  • TextstĂ€mpel frĂ„n You Do – Jul tags
  • Vit pearl maker

Min sommar 2014

Jag har lyckats blogga mycket under sommaren, men det har i stort sÀtt bara varit pyssel, sÄ hÀr kommer en massa opyssliga bilder frÄn min sommar.

Jag har Àtit en massa god mat, mycket skaldjur :). Jag har Àtit middag med min pappa och syster med familjer. Jag hade en underbar dag i gamla stan med Klara (systerdotter). Jag var i kungstrÀdgÄrden under We Are Sthml. Vi rakade Grafitti och flyttade ut frÄn sovrummet pga vÀrmen. Jag kom igÄng med min trÀning vilket i sin tur ledde till att jag inte kunde rensa ut en massa klÀnningar.

Googels sökresultat ser bra ut

Var ute i ett annat Àrende och googlade pÄ Hama Beads. Blev vÀldigt glad och vÀldigt förvÄnad nÀr jag sÄg att min post om Super Mario svampen och min fÄgel lÄg sÄ bra till i trÀfflistan.

TrÀffresultat pÄ Google - Hama Beads

Att hamna som trÀff fyra efter annonserna kÀnns ju inte allt för fel.
Kanske kommer allt jobb jag gör bakom kulisserna ge resultat trots allt. 🙂


KörsbÀrsblommor i KungstrÀdgÄrden

Om jag nÄgon gÄng i mitt liv bor i hus, sÄ mÄste jag ha ett körsbÀrstrÀd. Inte för fruktens skull, Àven om den Àr god, utan för blommornas skull. Alla dessa supersöta rosa blommor som hÀnger i klasar. Det gÄr inte att motstÄ dom.


I KungstrÀdgÄrden finns det ett tvÄ lÄnga rader med blommande trÀd. Under pÄskhelgen tog jag och H, och en massa andra mÀnniskor, chansen att njuta lite av dessa blommor. Jag har plockat ut mina favoritbilder som jag tog, men det blev massor med hÀrliga bilder den dagen. VÀdret var helt perfekt och det surrade en del bin bland alla blommor.

Klase körsbÀrsblommor



Knoppar med körsbÀrsblommor





SmÄ stÀdÀlvor

IgÄr var det dags för mig att sÀtta igÄng med lite pyssel inför alla-hjÀrtans-dag. Har man deadline sÄ har man och det Àr bra om jag försöker hÄlla mig lite pÄ rÀtt sida om den.
TyvĂ€rr Ă€r det ju dĂ„ vissa saker som sĂ€tter totalt stopp för mina planer. Som till exempel bristen pĂ„ smĂ„ stĂ€dĂ€lvor. Inte en pinal pĂ„ mitt skrivbord lĂ„g dĂ€r den borde ligga. Lade till och med ut en efterlysning pĂ„ Instagram 😉

2014-01-20 19.38.22

IkvĂ€ll blev det i alla fall lite röjt. Det finns i alla fall plats för mig att pyssla….lite…. Men det Ă€r fortfarande ett berg av grejor som ska nĂ„gon annan stans. Men jag fĂ„r ta lite i taget.

2014-01-21 18.38.30

Mitt förvaringsbekymmer kvarstÄr, men det blir kanske liiite bÀttre sÄ snart mina sex godislÄdor har fÄtt sig en tur i diskmaskinen. Kan i alla fall fÄ undan en del smÄsaker som bara ligger. Har planer pÄ en IKEA-tur ocksÄ, men det ligger lite pÄ is just nu.
Innan nyĂ„r sĂ„ funderade jag lite pĂ„ hur jag ska lösa förvaringen och hade lite lösa planer pĂ„ att försöka anvĂ€nda sĂ„ mycket som möjligt innan jag köper pĂ„ mig mera. Den tanken har satt sig hĂ„rdare och hĂ„rdare, sĂ„ det blir nog en sĂ„dan kombination. Mina “regler” har jag inte riktigt faststĂ€llt Ă€nnu, men det lutar Ă„t att det Ă€r köpstopp pĂ„ rent material (papper, blommor, dekorationer etc.). Verktyg som stansar, dies och fĂ€rg mm fĂ„r jag köpa liksom tape och lim.
Men som sagt, inget Àr helt spikat Ànnu. Har inte riktigt haft tid att fundera pÄ djupet Ànnu.

NÄgon har föreslagit att jag kan sÀlja lite. Det Àr en bra idé, men jag ogillar alltid att hÄlla pÄ att packa och skicka och kolla att rÀtt person har betalat och allt det dÀr. Men det Àr kanske nÄgot jag fÄr bita ihop och genomföra ÀndÄ. Har faktiskt en liten lÄda med dies som jag aldrig anvÀnder och som jag aldrig skulle sakna. Kanske ska börja med den???

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