My new storage for all my stamps

I’m still working on finding that optimal storage for crafting material. I have shown a long cavalcade of jumbled images, but now the more orderly images are to come.

First up was my stamp storage. I use the same system as before, but needed new boxes.

2013-06-18 21.12.23

This is how it looked on my shelf with my old boxes with stamps. They filled only half the hole in my EXPEDIT (KALLAX) and became a super duper place to put all sorts of stuff on (and dust). So instead of having my stamps easily available in four boxes (the hole below it looked just as messy) they became virtually completely inaccessible to me. This led in turn to that I didn’t put back the stamps I had  used or put any new stamps where they would be, but let them clutter my desk instead.


Now all my stamps moved into the same hole in the shelf. I have bought LEKMAN from IKEA, the one with two small drawers. Two of thees units fit on each other, so I got a free hole on the fly.


In each box, I have room for 40 soft CD pockets. I have mixed rubber stamps and clear stamps. If you only have clear stamps you can fit more pockets in.


Just to try it out, I bought three of thees drawers. In the third I put a lot of ribbons, and I will certainly add more boxes for those. Each drawer swallows much ribbon, so I got a lot of new space with just one unit. On top I now have a candy box with lace and my storage with card frames.

2013-06-18 21.12.58

Here is the old storage for my ribbons. The hole where the box with dots are. It was messy and I didn’t find anything either.


I took the opportunity to acquire a large LEKMAN too. It contains all my punches (not border punches and corner punches). The weight can be a small problem, but it works well when it is so close to the floor, but I would not recommend to have heavy stuff in this box, if it is higher.
On the shelf above, I now have lots of flowers that have been forgotten in a drawer in my desk.

2013-06-18 21.11.13

This is how it looked before. Big punches in an ugly cardboard box and small punches in a crowded box on the shelf above. Not tidy and not particularly dust-free either. Moreover Junior wanted to climb into that box every time he could.

When I look at these before and after photos, I see that I have worked a little more than what’s really visible. I have changed boxes to candy boxes in many cases and then got it neater. I must say that candy boxes does not solve everything, but they can be stacked on each other anyway…..



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