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Make your own wreath body -

Oct 30

Make your own wreath body

You can find dozen and dozen ways to decorate a wreath for you door online, but it can be a little bit harder to find the perfect body for your wreath. Either it’s too small or too large, or perhaps the wrong materials.
If you want to cover the hole body, it’s easy to do the body your self, you only need to visit a har
dware store.
Buy a piece of pipe insulation that are pre-cut on one side. You also need a little silver tape or other sturdy tape and a knife.

Material to make your own Wreath body

I chose a piece of pipe insulation that has an outer diameter of 41mm, but you can choose a thicker or thinner if you want. What is important is that it is pre-cut.
Measure how big wreath you want and cut off the excess material. I do not want my super big, so I cut off 26 cm.

Open up with a knive

Carefully cut up the last of the pre-cut so that you can open the pipe completely. In order to make the pipe into a circle that keeps it’s shape you need the inside to be less than the outside of the circle. The slit side should therefore be our outside as it can be split up and thus become larger. Try to bend in different directions and you’ll see the difference.

Use tape to seal

Put the ends of the tube together and wrap a few turns of the tape. Make sure it is seated. Work  over your wreath body so that it is uniform throughout. The pipe splits little on where you cut it up, but press and rotate a bit so you get it evenly.

The outside is finish

You should almost not be able to see the joint when you are done.

The body are done

You have finished your wreath body and can decorate it as desired.



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