How I sort my Stamps

I have lots of stamps and from the beginning I stored them in their original packaging. It worked fine when I only had 10-15 stamps, but my collection grew rapidly and I needed a new system.

Stamps that are mounted on wood or other bulky material I have in a drawer, but I avoid that kind of stamps as much as I can.

Stamps in the Cd-pocket - Sort your stamps

Back side in the Cd-pocket - Sort your stamps

In each pocket, on both sides, is a laminated sheet that stamps adheres to. They stay in your pockets without slipping around. On the back is the possibility of attaching images I use for masking. I use one A4 sized page to every pocket. I cut the sheets to 12×12 cm with rounded corners.
Each pocket is numbered in one corner.
I store the pockets in some type of box (the box is changed periodically when I either redo the crafting room or the drawer become worn out.)

Stamps in the binder - Sort your stamps

I use a binder (A5), that’s stands handy on my desk, to stamp a preview of all my stamps.
Even wood mounted are listed here. Each stamp gets a code (EZ, K, C, etc.) and the number of the pocket the stamp is placed in. It makes it easy to find the right stamp fast. I also have the opportunity to record labels, Angel Policy, if the stamps difficult to stamp with or anything else that might be good to remember.

My key

K – Wood (In Swedish we use the word Kloss (Block))
EZ – EZ mount
C – Clear stamp
F – Foam
X – The stamp is sold (I mark it with a X over the ordinary key)

Register for stamps - Sort your stamps

In the binder I have a register in which the stamps are sorted by designs. This is the first register I used, I have since changed it and changed again. As an example the tab Filurer became unnecessary when I sold all I had.



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