Get started with Instagram – Part 3

I should have written this part as Part 2, but it’s more fun to get going instead of looking at a lot of settings, right?
In this part I will show you the usual settings and how to pair your Instagram account with your Facebook account and other social media.
Some of these settings may be different if you use an iPhone or iPad. Make your settings the way you used to, which you usually don’t do directly in the app like I show you here.
Launch the app and go to your profile (the Man at the bottom right)
In the upper right corner you will see three dots. Clicking on these will take you to the Options where you can do some settings. Click there to get started.
If you chose Instagram not to check your Facebook account for friends when you created your account, you have the opportunity to do this below Follow People. You can also check your contacts here. When you do this, you get a list of people who have accounts in both places and you can choose which ones you want to follow.
Below Account you can adjust your account. Here you can edit the profile (we will return to this), change password etc. You can also make your account private, just drag the slider to the right. A private account means that your photos do not appear in searches. You also accept those who want to follow you.
Please note:
Your account will not be a secret. If someone who has an open account like one of your images, that image will appear when someone else is looking at the liked pictures. Therefore, think before you upload a very private photo on Instagram. You can never be sure that they do not spread. (This is true all over the Internet!)

Scroll down, you will find more Settings. We will return to the option Linked Accounts and look instead at Puch Notifications. Click here and you get a lot of options, see image below.
Under Camera, you choose if you want good or a little worse quality of your images. As long as you don’t have a very bad connection, I think you can have it on HighQuality.
The rest of the settings depend so much on what phone you use and how you use it so I leave them totally open. Generally, you can leave it as it is.
I can’t go thru everything here in Notifications, it is not so difficult to choose how you want your phone to tell you what happens. Personally, I have everything on From Everyone, but it is because I have an open account and it’s an easy way to keep track of what happens. I have not very much traffic, so it’s fun to see at once when anyone has commented on one of my pictures. Do you have an account with many followers, it may be more comfortable to turn off notifications. It is perhaps easier for you to go into your account and see what has happened over having the phone vibrate in your pocket all the time.
You can always go back here and make changes when you notice that it’s working or not.
If you now scroll back up to the Linked Account (below Settings) we will connect your Instagram with your Facebook (you can choose any account, just follow the instructions that appear on the screen).
Start by clicking on Facebook. The text will turn blue and you receive a blue check mark to the right. Click on the text again to get a new screen. If you do not have Facebook on your phone, then Instagram will ask for more specific information. Here I assume that the account already are on the phone.
After you click OK, you can always change your mind. Select Unlink and the pairing is removed and you only show your pictures on Instagram. (these settings are accessed by going to the Linked Account, and then click the account you want to disconnect).
If you go back a step and instead go into the Edit Profile (under Accounts) you can fill in some information about yourself. This is seen when someone goes in and looks at your account. There is nothing you have to fill in, but it is a good idea if you want to distribute or refer to your blog or website.
We start from the top, all these settings can be changed whenever you want. However, I recommend that you do not change the top two too often. This will only confuse your followers.
The little advertisement board – This is your username, it does not appear out in the flow, just on your profile.
Man – This is your name on Instagram. It is visible in the flow, and if want someone to give you a shout they use this name.
The Globe– the address of your web site, blog, or whatever you want, on the internet. The address must be a correct web address and end in .org / .org / .com / or anything else.
Quotes – Here you can write a short text about you, your website or your Instagram. Simply what you  want.
It’s completely up to you whether you want to fill in private information. The email address is the same as when you registered the account.
This is how does look when everything is completed and anyone looking at your profile. The name in the blue bar at the top is your name in Instagram (man).

There you go, now you have come a bit further with your Instagram account. In the next part we focus on fun things like changing the profile image, how to give someone a shout and how to use a hashtag.

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